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Training and education

Practitioners of Rosen Method Bodywork receive a rigorous formal training before being certified by the Rosen Institute. The average length of study is four years, in part because one's preparation to do the work requires a good deal of self-discovery. During the internship, which includes 350 hours of practice sessions and 25 hours of sessions supervised by senior teachers, the intern is also expected to receive Rosen sessions him- or herself. Receiving the work is an essential component of learning how to practice the work.

What to expect from a session

There is no typical Rosen session. Each session is a unique experience for both client and practitioner. There are, however, several elements that you can generally expect:

  • A session is about an hour long.
  • The client is invited to lie on a massage table.
  • The practitioner may talk to the client, inviting her or him to notice and perhaps respond in words to what is happening in the body as it is touched.
  • No oils or lotions are used. Touch may be received directly on the skin or through clothes, as the client wishes.

There is also no typical Rosen client. We work with people who want to experience the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. Some people come because they are suffering from physical pain or discomfort, some because they sense a general dissatisfaction with their lives, some because they are excited by new possibilities and want support in exploring those new options.

The work is not designed for those with severe mental health issues, such as psychosis, or for people who are actively dependent on chemical or controlled substances.